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Sucktoes is an autistic lurker that started his journey in Gripscord 1.0 around in late May of 2018. He is known to be painfully unfunny and stupid.

Gripscord 1.0

Toes was in Gripscord 1.0 for around a month, during that month Toes' was known for being stupid and unfunny, and uh.. that's really all. He was then banned for around a month into his stay in 1.0 and he then migrated to 2.0.

Gripscord 2.0

After being banned from 1.0, Toes migrated to 2.0 and continued his shenanigans over there, he helped with the pxls project, continued his idiocy, and shitposted, he is also known for saying the infamous racial slur "Nigger." he doesn't do it as much now but did it all the time a month ago, and for now, he is still being an idiot.


Some time in August, Stan, now known an Ultrasigma, started Jewdogs and Toes was one of the first members.

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